Our sanctuary accommodates seven students per class creating a intimate experience .We offer a wide range of classes including Vinyasa , Flow , Candlelight Yoga , Restorative & Ashtanga.

Meet Our Instructors

Miranda is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for 7-years, most recently at New Pathways Toronto.  Her approach to teaching yoga is geared to the needs of her students with a focus on improving flexibility, strength, and balance.  All classes allow students -- beginners and advanced  -- to modify their poses to suit their unique needs.

With a background in health teaching and mental health counseling, Miranda blends traditional yoga with western science of mind-body health.  In addition to weekly yoga classes, Miranda enjoys facilitating courses and workshops on topics such as: Managing Stress, Improving Sleep, Ayurvedic Inspired Living, Meditation, and Mindful Parenting. 

Konstantina's journey began shortly after she founded her company "forbidden fruit juices"  seeking the missing puzzles pieces she felt only through the Practice of Yoga and meditation universal knowledge can be attained. Konstantina managed to escape into the jungle of Costa Rica . Taught by deeply inspirational Liz Lidth . Konstantina discovered the authentic her . She now integrates those teachings into her practice by presenting the necessary tools to reestablish  dharma in ones life . Hand written motivation from her heart to yours. Whether teaching a vigorous Vinyasa or a restorative candlelight , each class transcends a strong message of love , light , and purpose . 








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