The powder Project

sustainability is the goal


       Sustainable & Delicious 

The Powder project was created for respect of mother nature and her children. Our heart is filled with empathy and our actions with creativity. We hope to march as leaders in the juice-pulp sustainability movement to empower companies to rethink their waste and turn nothing into everything. This will effect our business from a ethical, sustainable, and economical perspective. Our innovation is sustainability in the juice industry.

Forbidden Fruit is always looking for ways to be more sustainable. Over the years of making cold pressed juice, we couldn't help but notice that there is room to become more eco-friendly. While we utilize the juice of the fruit, we realized that the nutritious pulp that we're left with is going to waste. We want to be able to extract everything we can out of a fruit starting a no waste program. This is where The Powder Project comes in. The most beneficial use of the pulp is turning it into a powder. By utilizing the pulp this way, not only are we reducing waste, we are becoming more sustainable.